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Australia’s most incredibly valued “Property Investment Program” that protects and helps everyone avoid making the worst financial decision of their life. Take control of your future and avoid buying a half million-dollar property that could turn into a financial disaster and negatively impact the rest of your life.

Gold Property Investment Program


Be SMART and invest in the Buy Australian Property Investments “GOLD PROGRAM” as it will provide you with all the information, data, reports, risk assessments and critical knowledge to succeed in the Australian property investment market.

OVER $8,100 OF VALUE FOR ONLY $1,497!


The Gold Property Investment includes:

100% Money Back Offer*

You can’t lose with this product because we will refund you the $1497 program cost when you purchase a property investment through the program, so really the program is now FREE.

VALUE $1,497

Independent Financial Health Check with a Financial Broker

You will get direct access and a fact-finding session with an experienced Mortgage Broker who specializes in helping people with finance for property investment purchases to ensure your success.

VALUE $195

1 Hour Financial Health Review with a Qualified Planner

You will get direct access and a Strategy Session with an Independent and Fully Qualified Financial Planner who will help you identify any risks involved in you purchasing a property investment, so you are protected from any dangers.

VALUE $495

1 Hour Property Investment Discovery & Strategy Session

You will receive a Personal and Confidential Strategy Session with a Qualified and Experienced Property Investment Consultant who will help you discover what type of property best suits your needs.

VALUE $300

1 Hour Property Mentoring & Coaching with a BAPI Partner

You will receive a 1 Hour Personalized Mentoring and Coaching with a Qualified and Experienced Property Investment Consultant who will help map out your plan to successful property investing.

VALUE $300

Property Investment Goal Setting & Wealth Creation Booklet

You will receive a World Class Comprehensive 34-page Goal Setting and Wealth Creation Booklet designed and created specifically for property investors to use to build a successful property investment portfolio. 

VALUE $1,497

10 x Live Product Stock Options

You will receive up to 10 x Real Life Property Stock Options of suitable property investments packages with all the details required so you can select the best property investment that suits your needs and requirements.

VALUE $195

5 x Custom Core Logic Property Investment Data Reports

You will receive up to 5 x Independent Custom-Made Core Logic Property Reports on the areas and suburbs you are looking at with the data, facts and figures you need when selecting a great quality property investment. 

VALUE $495

5 x Custom Suburb Trend Profile Reports

You will receive up to 5 x Independent Suburb Profile Reports on the areas and suburbs you are looking at buying in which will show you whats happening in those suburbs. 

VALUE $300

5 x Independent Area Riskwise Research Reports

You will receive up to 5 x Independent Risk Reports with all the critical research, facts, data and information on wages & income ratios, growth, risk factors and property to price ratios, approvals and much more. The most valuable tool in selecting property investments.

VALUE $300

1 x Independent & Qualified Building Inspection for your property investment purchase, including 1st & 2nd inspection

We will arrange for an Independent and Qualified Building Inspector to complete 2 x building inspections on the completion of your property investment to ensure that it's built to the Australian Standards, and you are getting what you paid for.

VALUE $1,497

1 x BMT Tax Depreciation Discount

We will arrange for a discounted price with BMT Tax Deprecations for your report which will save you $300 off the normal cost. One of the most important things to do in property investing and most people ( 90%) don’t do it costing them thousands of dollars at tax time.

VALUE $195

6 Months FREE Property Management

We will arrange with our nominated property managers to provide you with 6 months FREE worth of property management fees when you sign up with them to manage your investment.

VALUE $495

1 x Copy of the Best-Selling Book “Australian Property Investments Scams Exposed”

We will post you a real copy of my best-selling book on property investing in Australia to arm you with the knowledge and power to make the right decisions.
Will save you from making a $500,000 mistake

VALUE $300



237 of the most valuable and often asked Critical Questions and Answers to all your property investing questions, concerns, fears and worries that Buy Australian Property Investments clients have asked over the last 15 years.

These Questions and Answers will provide you with that 100% peace of mind feeling when it comes to purchasing a property investment, so you don’t stress out and worry about the purchase you are making.


You just can’t buy this information and knowledge anywhere.



Over $8,100 of value for only $1,497!



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Terms & Conditions:

The money back offer/refund of the program purchase only applies if the purchaser of the Property Investment Program purchases and settles on a property investment product that’s purchased through a Buy Australian Property Investments accredited supplier. The Property Investment Program refund payment of the purchase price is paid directly to the Property Investment Program purchaser once the house construction commences or settlement occurs( if the property is a completed product). All third-party suppliers of product and services in the program are independent businesses and are not part of Buy Australian Property Investments Pty Ltd and its group of companies and Buy Australian Property Investments does not receive any hidden or secret kickbacks for their products and services supplied to the purchaser of the program. Buy Australian Property Investments Pty Ltd, its agents, contractors, affiliates, and team members cannot be held liable or accountable for the information, data, reports, products, services and valuations supplied by any of the third-party suppliers. All products in the Property Investment Programs are supplied to the purchaser in relation to the property investment product they purchase through the Buy Australian Property Investments accredited supplier. The Discovery & Strategy and Mentor and Coaching sessions must be booked with a Buy Australian Property Investments Property Partner via a Calendly link that will be sent to the purchaser after your program payment is received. Failure to attend any session at the booked time will result in you forfeiting that particular session. At the Intelli-Val Automated Valuation Estimates cannot be provided for the exact property/address you are looking to purchase so Buy Australian Property Investments will supply you a near “identical” property in the same land estate, suburb, project, development that’s comparable and suitable to use. Property Management, Building Inspection and Tax Deprecation discounts/rebates are to be applied by the independent supplier to relevant property investment purchased. All information, data, reports, emails, flyer, brochures, booklets, products, coaching sessions, quotes, content and materials supplied under this property investment program offer are to remain the sole owner of the purchaser and cannot be transferred, lent, borrow, sold or provided to any other person. Due to the nature of the work in supplying all the products and information in the program to the purchaser, the purchaser agrees that all purchases are final once any payment is made and no refunds or credits can or will be offered or accepted under any circumstances. The purchasers agree to this clause and will not attempt to cancel or refund their payment with their credit card providers. No products in the programs will be supplied to the purchaser until full payment is received.

*Applies when you purchase a property investment through one of Buy Australian Property Investments accredited suppliers. We are so confident in our services that we are prepared to refund you the cost of the Property Investment Program.

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